Anthropologie Inspired Holiday Wreath

Last year my girlfriend and hairdresser, Eva, told me about a holiday wreath she had seen at Anthropologie that she had wanted to get, but ended up not purchasing.  It was made out of white felt oak leaves with a little owl and a couple of felted acorns.  Out of curiosity, I found photos of [...]

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Crepe Paper Flowers: Potted Orchids

Early last week, I took another crepe paper flower class with Lynn Dolan at Castle in the Air.  This time we learned how to make a potted orchid plant. We started out by wrapping the tips of 18 gauge wire with strips of yellow crepe paper to form the carpels of the the flowers. Next, [...]

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100 Ideas Furniture Makeovers Magazine Review

As I had mentioned in an earlier post, I like to look for creative inspiration not just in the crafting community, but also in the DIY and interior design communities.  Now, I have no decorating bone in my body, but I really enjoy watching interior designers at work, especially on shows like the Live Well Network’s [...]

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Crepe Paper Flower: Madame Hardy Rose

In my last post – read it here – I talked about the crepe paper heirloom roses class I took over a month ago at Castle in the Air with Lynn Dolan.  We learned to make two types of roses, the cabbage rose and the Madame Hardy.  I covered the former in my last post, and [...]

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Crepe Paper Flower: the Cabbage Rose

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been lagging in my blogging.  Proof of that comes with this post for a crepe paper flower class I took over a month ago at Castle in the Air, with Lynn Dolan, crepe paper artist extraordinaire.  Over a month ago!   Anyway, this class was for heirloom roses, [...]

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Finding Creative Inspiration

  As you can probably tell from my lack of postings, that I have not been in a very creative mood lately.  (Plus, I’ve been busy getting my eBay store ready for the holiday selling season).  I was running myself ragged and not getting a whole lot of sleep – a sure way to burn [...]

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Playing with Stuffed Animals – Is Gumdrop Fat?

Inquiring Gumdrop wants to know: What do you think?

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Introducing Louie Louie, the Lion

This is Louie Louie: His Dad had a favorite uncle named Louie.  His mom’s Grandpa was named Louie.  They couldn’t decide which Louie he would be named after, so they named him after both.  Hence the name, Louie Louie.  But you can call him Louie :0) Now most lions look ferocious, but not Louie.  His friendliness and [...]

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Introducing Pookie, the (Little) Bear

This is Pookie: He started out life as a chew toy for Chloe, the pup: But Chloe fell in love with little Pookie, and they became friends instead. However, Chloe treats Pookie like a teddy bear toy, instead of an equal.  Pookie resents this and periodically rebels and declares his independence. Pookie dreams of one [...]

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15 Books Out of Single Sheets of Paper, part 3

Today, I finish out my series of posts about the class, “15 Books Out of Single Sheets of Paper,” that I took at the San Francisco Center for the Book with C.J. Grossman. Here are the remaining eleven books we made: 1)  8 page star book with pop-ups: 2)  16 page horizontal T-cut book: 3) [...]

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