15 Books Out of Single Sheets of Paper, part 3

Today, I finish out my series of posts about the class, “15 Books Out of Single Sheets of Paper,” that I took at the San Francisco Center for the Book with C.J. Grossman.

Here are the remaining eleven books we made:

1)  8 page star book with pop-ups:

8 page star book with pop-ups 1

8 page star book with pop-ups 2

8 page book with pop-ups 3

8 page star book with pop-ups 4

2)  16 page horizontal T-cut book:

16 page horizontal t-cut book 1

16 page horizontal t-cut book 2

3)  P-cut book:

P-cut book 1

P-cut book 2

The 16 page horizontal T-cut and P-cut books look similar, but they were cut differently.

4)  Pocket book:

Pocket book

You can use this to make a mini picture album by inserting mailing tags mounted with photos in the pockets.

5)  Book with ribbon and beads:

Book with ribbon and beads

Again, I can see this being used as a photo album.  It is pretty enough to present as a special gift to a special someone.

6)  Two color accordion book:

2 color accordion book

7)  Accordion book with pop-ups:

Accordion book with pop-ups

8)  Accordion book with cut-out scene:

accordion book with scene

I can see this as a card with a city skyline cut out of it.

9)  Theatre book:

Theatre book 1

Theatre book 2

Story text can be written on the two flaps, with an illustration drawn onto the framed center panel.

10)  JAM (Japanese American Museum) fold book:

JAM fold book 1

JAM fold book 2

The inside pocket can house, say, a menu if you were to use this for a sit-down dinner party.

11)  Flexagon:

Flexagon book

See the flexagon in action:

I love how it keeps you guessing as to how it is constructed :0)

I think my favorites of all the books we made in class are the pop-up mask and the accordion book with cut-out scene.  I can see myself using these ideas in my cardmaking.

A big thank you to C.J. Grossman for teaching this class!

Which of the fifteen books from this class were your favorite(s)?  Please share in the comments.


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