Alcohol Inks Acrylic Board Book Class

Alcohol inks acrylic boards book

Alcohol inks acrylic boards book

I know what you’re wondering.  Where have I been?  I have been busy with life and taking a break from creating.  Just wasn’t really feeling it until the last several weeks.  Nothing really new to show, as I have been working on crepe paper peonies for friends.  I did take a class at Castle in the Air with Alice Armstrong weeks ago, but did not take a whole lot of photos of the process, except for the final product, an acrylic board book decorated with alcohol inks.

Alcohol inks acrylic boards book - other side

Alcohol inks acrylic boards book – other side

The class was really an introduction to working with alcohol inks, which can be used on non-porous surfaces – surfaces that regular inks cannot adhere to.  We used eight sheets of clear thick acrylic to make our four panel book.  Using a felt-like applicator, we decorated four of the pieces of acrylic with the alcohol inks to create multi-colored mottled effects that we then applied cut-out images to.  Then the four remaining acrylic pieces were sandwiched over the decorated acrylic boards.

Some of my panels I covered over with images.  Others, I left semi-transparent, like this one:

Semi-transparent panel of board book

Semi-transparent panel of board book

We taped up each panel and attached the panels to each other using linen tape.

It was a very interesting class, as I’ve only used alcohol inks once before.  I love the marbled/mottled effects you get when applying different colors of the inks.  You get a different result each time.  That’s the beauty of it.

Have you ever played with alcohol inks?  What have you created with them?  Please share in the comments.

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