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Marie Antoinette Cotton Candy Wig – My Very First Grown-up Halloween

I’ve been super-busy, which is why I haven’t posted in about a month.  Work at Castle in the Air has been a ton of fun, but we have been gearing up for the holiday season, and nobody does the holidays like Castle! For today I thought I’d share with you what I did for Halloween.  […]

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Collage Journal Pages: Time and How We Feel About It

I have a confession to make.  I’ve been trying to find some commonalities in the collage journal pages I’ve been sharing here on my blog in order to come up with more interesting titles for my posts.  So far I’ve done okay.  For today’s post, I share with you two pages that have to do […]

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Collage Journal Pages: Inspired by a Holiday Home Catalog

For today’s collage journal pages, I was inspired by one of those expensive holiday home catalogs you get in the mail. I really liked the image of the rustic fireplace and the warmth it evoked, so I decided to use it, but there was text in the upper left corner, so I cut it off […]

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Suitcase Dollhouse for Pee Wee

Months ago, I took a class at Castle in the Air taught by Katrina Martin, a real life fairy, to make a suitcase dollhouse.  It’s taken me this long to post because I didn’t finish my dollhouse until just the other week.  But it is now all finished, and I would like to give you […]

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Collage Journal Pages: Three Times a Lady

I have some great news to share; I am now working at my favorite store, Castle in the Air.  I work there on a part time, on-call basis, and after three days, I can say I am absolutely enjoying it!  It’s that time of year when all their holiday inventory is coming in fast and […]

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Collage Journal Pages: Sports Theme

In light of the just completed Summer Olympic Games, I am a bit late with today’s collage journal pages, which all have sports-related themes. We begin with the all-time greatest Olympian, Michael Phelps.  I got this underwater image of the swimmer from an old calendar and decided to add some sharks that I got from […]

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Collage Art Journal Pages: Women in Garden and Among Rocks

Sorry for the long hiatus from blogging!  I encountered some problems with the admin side of my blog, and then life got in the way.  But I’m back with two more collages from my journal. The black and white image of the woman caught my eye because of the somber expression on her face.  I […]

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Collage Art Journal: Village-Themed Pages

As you can see in the title for this post, I’ve decided to come up with something more creative than “Pages such-and-such numbers” to describe my collage journal pages.  Maybe it helps that for this post, I have two collages with a similar theme, so we’ll see how far I get with this :~) The […]

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Collage Art Journal: Pages 26-27

The inspiration for the first of today’s collage show-and-tell was actually the black and white image of cheering fans from my secondhand Vanity Fair book on the Oscars.  I decided to juxtapose it with a contemporary image of a glamorous woman.  The best image I had on hand was the one you see of the […]

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Collage Art Journal: Pages 24-25

After a week off from blogging, I am back with two more pages in my collage journal.  I’ve been pretty diligent about working in it and Instagramming my work, so if you want to stay abreast of what I’ve been doing closer to real time, just follow me on Instagram at CraftyCreativeGal. I guess this […]

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