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Gooey Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Nuts

I’ve developed a habit of finding a great baking recipe and then sticking with it over the course of a year, making the item over and over and giving it to different people.  I find that that’s what works best for me. Well, recently, I decided to bake for one of my favorite instructors at Castle […]

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Savory Cheddar Cheese Cookie Recipe

I hope you all had a great Christmas/holiday celebration with your loved ones!  In my haste to get everything done for the holidays, including my last blog post, I totally forgot to wish everyone a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays. I did a ton of holiday-related baking, and today I continue my Christmas postings with this recipe […]

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Walnut Apricot Muffin Recipe

I have a Pin board where I collect recipes from all over the internet.  While I use it for recipes that look easy and delicious, I also use it to keep track of recipes I want to try on my family – in particular, recipes for baked sweets.  As you’ve heard me discuss many times previously, I […]

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Fresh Apple Bundt Cake

I know I have been lax about posting recipes lately.  (I think the last time I posted a recipe was late last year).  But I have not done a whole lot of baking since the holidays.  However, that changed last weekend, as it was both my mom’s and brother, Daniel’s birthdays.  Well, technically, my mom’s birthday […]

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Layered Sopapilla Cheesecake Bars Recipe

Okay, today is the last of my holiday baking posts – at least until next year :0)   I love to bake, especially during the holidays, especially when I can give my baked goodies away as gifts.  But since I do so much baking this time of year, I love it when I can save […]

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Southern Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

When it comes to pies, I usually only make them around the holidays.  Even though I love them, I am usually in a time crunch when it comes to baking, so I usually go for relatively quick and easy recipes instead.  Well, for this year’s Thanksgiving, I made my usual apple pies, the recipe for […]

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Eggnog Cheesecake Bars Recipe

When it comes to eggnog, it appears most people either love it or hate it.  I happen to love eggnog and sometimes feel it’s a shame it’s only available once a year.  When this time of year rolls around, I go seeking out all the different versions of eggnog that I can find, including pumpkin […]

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Retro Recipe: Fruit Cocktail Cake

Being typical children with unsophisticated palates, when my brother, Daniel, and I were little, we much preferred eating canned fruit to fresh.  Of course my mom thought that was weird, but to me at least, it was like dessert, given the heavy syrup in which the fruit was canned. Fruit cocktail, first introduced as fruit salad, made its […]

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Making French Macarons

Recently, my friend, Lillian, and I had the opportunity to learn how to make French macarons from our friend, Denise.  Of course we jumped at the chance!  Denise is an incredibly creative lady, who not only bakes and cooks, but crafts, too.  Her husband, Ed, is an incredible cook and baker himself, so we not only […]

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Hummingbird Cupcake Recipe

I love carrot cake, but I have a prejudice against carrot cake with pineapple in it.  It seems that for some reason, there are carrot cake recipes that call for crushed pineapple.  Having had carrot cake with and without pineapple, I can say with certainty that the pineapple in fact detracts from the overall taste […]

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