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Well after my last post last week, in which I shared with you my newfound love for magazine photo collages, you would have thought I would have posted again right away, but as is usually the case, life got in the way.  One of my very good friends was visiting in town and stayed with me for a few days.  We had a lot of fun catching up on each others’ lives and latest ventures.  But now I am back to blogging and continuing my series on my collage art journal.

Last time I shared with you how to get started on creating a collage journal and some of my ideas about what images to collect.  Today I’ll start sharing some of my finished photomontages and explain to you my thought process behind each one.

Spread Eagle Wings collage journal page

Spread Eagle Wings collage journal page

For this collage I started with the image of the Native American man in his eagle outfit.  I thought it was such a striking photo, that I knew I had to create something with it.  My first thought was to pair it with an image of a large face, kind of like framing it, so I found an image of a woman’s face that I thought complemented the first image.  The only problem was, after cutting everything out and gluing the pictures down, there was a gap in the upper left corner.  I guess I could have left things as is, but decided to experiment a little bit and started filling in the gap with a hot pink alcohol marker.

Blank space filled in with alcohol ink

Blank space filled in with alcohol ink

Nope, did not like it.  Too bright against the warmer tones of the photomontage.

I thought the warm tones of the woman and the man blended in too much with each other, so that there was no real contrast.  I decided to add in a tad bit more color to the woman’s face by using my colored crayon pencils and filling in some of her features, so what you see in the first photo above are the results of my retouching.  Very subtle, but it gave the face more definition.  I also decided to color in the rachises and calami of the feathers on the wings.  They were originally white; I colored them yellow with one of my pencils.

Rachises and calami of feathers tinted with colored pencil

Rachises and calami of feathers tinted with colored pencil


Industrial Chic collage journal page

Industrial Chic collage journal page

For this collage I found the background image of toy soldiers and metal coils and springs in a fashion magazine and was immediately struck by the industrial look of it.  I decided to juxtapose it with something softer and more feminine and chose the image you see of a woman in a red dress, all dolled up for a night out.

Toy soldiers and metal springs

Background of toy soldiers and metal springs

Since the woman was sitting, I decided to put something in her lap and thought a little doggie would make the perfect companion.  I also decided to dress up her already fancy hairdo with flowers.

Flowers in hair

Flowers in hair

You can never go wrong with flowers :0)


Reclining Woman collage journal page

Reclining Woman collage journal page

The original image with the woman in the above collage had her leaning against the hedge on an expanse of grass.  Except for the woman and her outfit, the entire photo was green.  I decided to cut away the grass and replace it with something contrasting.  I decided on the violet ruffled satin to replace the grass in front, but decided to leave the area behind the hedge blank, thinking at the time that I would fill it in with journaling.  (This was when I still thought I would be be doing both art and journal in my art journal). I think texture-wise, the satin adds something unexpected to the finished photomontage.

I didn’t realize at the time when I was gluing down my images, that I had left a little patch of grass near the edge of one side uncut.  I started to cut out the excess grass with my X-acto blade, but decided against it because the glue had pretty much dried by that point, and I didn’t want to accidentally tear my collage and mess it up, so I left it as is.

Mistake in cutting

Mistake in cutting

The hedge to the woman’s left looked a bit empty, so I decided to add an image I had of a little dog walking.

Doggie walking along hedge

Doggie walking along hedge

I should have ended it there, but I got the bright idea to add a hat to the woman’s head.

Hat on woman

Adding a hat.  Not such a good idea.

Hmm, the hat looks a bit off on her.

Candy Colored Princess collage journal page

Candy Colored Princess collage journal page

I had a lot of fun putting together this collage.  I was drawn to the image of the woman with her bright pink, oversized bouffant.  The pink color really inspired me to pick out images with colors that popped and complemented it.  For the background I chose the image of rippling water because it was light blue in color.  You can’t really see it in the above photo, but there were also patches that were light purple and pinkish purple.  The color of the water was really striking.

Since the pink bouffant hairdo reminded me of cotton candy, I decided to play off of that by incorporating the candy colored ice pops you see behind the woman.

Colorful ice pops in the background

Colorful ice pops in the background

The blank canvas of the big hairdo just called out for a flower, so I added a flower that matched the color and scale of the hair.

Adding flower to pink bouffant

Flower added to pink bouffant

The original photo of the woman was from a Juicy Couture ad, and you could see the text along the bottom of the skirt.  In order to hide it, I found a colorful magazine page and tore out a piece that was roughly the size of the area I wanted to cover up.  (I was also going to use it for adding journaling).

Torn magazine page covering up text

Torn magazine page covering up text

Well those were my first four attempts at collage in my art journal.  Given how new I was still to collage when I started this journal a month ago, I’m really happy with the results.

More to come!

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