Collage Art Journal: Pages 10-11

With the two collage journal pages I’m sharing with you today, I feel I hit another milestone in my collage art journey, especially with this first one:

Tropical Getaway collage journal page

Tropical Getaway collage journal page

The starting point for this collage was the photo of the plumeria plant in the front.  It was such a large, bold image, that I thought I would put it front and center, with an equally bold image behind it.  I went through my stash of pictures of people and pulled out the large ones.  When I found the image of the woman reclining on the sofa, I knew I had the perfect one.  You know how sometimes you know when something is so perfect, that there is no question about it?  Well this was the case here.  I only wish all my collage decisions were so easy!

Because I was still entertaining ideas of possibly journaling my thoughts, I initially had planned to forego a background and leave a blank space at the top of my collage journal page, but upon rummaging through my images, I found a picture with a large cloudy, blue sky that, like the image of the woman, was just perfect for the collage.  It took me just a few seconds to decide to use it and to heck with leaving a blank space for writing.

Because the flowers were so dominant visually, I knew I had to bring some attention back to the woman. I felt her long flowing hair over the arm of the sofa should not be obscured, as it added drama to the original image.  So, I decided to position it over one of the leaves and part of one of the plumeria.  In order to do this, I had to do some tricky cutting and gluing.  I cut the edge of the hairline along the edge of the sofa and glued the rest of the image of the woman down, while keeping the hair unglued.  I then glued down the flowers, while carefully maneuverng the unglued hair and placing and gluing it down over the leaf and flower.  While the glue was drying, I closely examined my collage and realized that it would look more realistic if the hair fell in between the leaf and flower.  Thankfully, the glue had not completely dried yet, so I very carefully lifted the hair and cut the edges of some of the petals of the flower, lifted them up, and tucked the hair underneath.  Let me tell you, that was one challenging feat!  But I’m glad I did it because it really made a difference in the finished collage.

Tricky cutting and gluing of hair and flower

Tricky cutting and gluing of hair and flower

I had an image of a jeweled dragonfly in my collection and decided to glue it onto one of the plumeria.

Dragonfly on flower

Dragonfly on flower

The darker colors of the dragonfly really helped mute the brightness of the flower, which helps take away some of the viewer’s attention from the flowers and allows his/her eyes to move up to the woman.

The bare spot along the edge of the backrest of the sofa cried out for something.  I decided a bird – a tropical one, no less – would make the perfect addition.

Tropical bird perched on sofa

Tropical bird perched on sofa

I really think this Tropical Getaway is the very best collage I’ve made thus far, including the ones I’ve already completed but have yet to unveil on my blog.  All the elements together seem perfectly balanced. I can honestly say that there is nothing I would do differently if I could do it all over.  And coming from me, that is rare indeed!

Cinnamon Roll Poolside collage journal page

Cinnamon Roll Poolside collage journal page

For the above collage, I had a picture of the model in the pool, and immediately got the idea to cut away the concrete ground behind her and replace it with something.  What that something was, I didn’t know until I saw the large image of cinnamon rolls – actually, a cinnamon roll topped apple pie with a slice cut out.  I thought the softness and bright color of the rolls made an interesting contrast against the cold, gray hardness of the concrete edge of the pool.

Because there was a piece of cinnamon roll apple pie missing in the original image, I had to do a patch job of sorts to fill in the gap.  I cut out a piece of cinnamon roll from the part of the image that would be hidden behind the woman and used it to patch up the gap.

Patch job on cinnamon rolls

Patch job on cinnamon rolls.  You can hardly notice it!

I debated whether or not to add a sky above the rolls and finally decided to add a light blue strip of magazine paper to represent the sky.  I think it further brightens up the collage.  Besides, I am a sucker for a sunny blue sky 😉

These two collage journal pages are among my very favorites :0)


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