Collage Art Journal: Pages 12-14

For today’s collage journal share, I have three very different collages to present you.

Marie Antoinette Sitting Portrait collage journal page

Marie Antoinette Sitting Portrait collage journal page

First up, another photomontage inspired by Kirsten Dunst’s Marie Antoinette photo shoot in Vogue magazine.  This was the cover image, which had a lot of surrounding text.  I got rid of some of the text by trimming away most of the sofa she’s sitting on.  It looks more like a chair now.

It can be hard to find just the right background for your collage.  You are limited by what you have on hand.  Sometimes I will give up an idea for a collage if I can’t come up with the right image pairing. However in this case, I found the absolutely perfect background in the wall of windows.  I love the contrast of the neutral background against the bright color of Marie Antoinette’s gown.  I also love the juxtaposition between the cottage-like windows and the grandeur of a queen in full dress.

The background image had some text on the upper left-hand corner, part of which would be hidden by M.A.’s head.  I looked for something additional to place behind her to cover up the rest of the text.  I found a leafy plant, but it did not entirely cover up the remaining text.  Since the bottom part of the plant would be hidden behind M.A., I decided to trim off some of the excess leaves from the bottom portion and patch them onto the top part of the plant to fill in the gaps through which you could still see the text.

Plant hiding text

Plant with patched on leaves hiding text

Now that I had that part all figured out, I had to focus on bringing some visual balance to my collage. Marie and the plant occupied the left side of the collage, leaving only the windows on the right side to offset them.  I had a cut-out of a curtain in my stash and decided to add it for a bit of drama to the scene.  I have learned that curtains are worthy things to have on hand, as their addition really changes the feel of a picture.

Curtain with red painted stripes and ring

Curtain with red painted stripes and ring sash

The only problem was that the curtain was a black and white image and lacked the pop of color to really pull the viewer’s eyes away from Marie, so I decided to add a ring for the sash.  But I still felt it didn’t break up all that black, so I painted in some red lines over the folds of the curtain.  That did the trick, but man, are my hands shaky when it comes to painting!

The last thing to tackle was the text on the bottom of the picture of M.A.  I decided to hide them by borrowing a technique I had used in two earlier collages.  I found some colorful magazine pages and tore them, patching them over the text.  As a final touch, I decided to add the two flowers to cover the final bit of text.

Hiding text with flowers and torn pieces of magazine pages

Hiding text with flowers and torn pieces of magazine pages

In sharp contrast to Marie Antoinette… was my next collage.

Running Through Water collage journal page

Running Through Water collage journal page

I was really taken with the image of the man running through a wall of water and immediately pictured him running from one zone into another.  I picked two very different background images to use for this purpose.  While rummaging through my stash, I also came across an image of a giant, round wooden gate, and instinctively decided to use it because I thought it would look cool.  I attached an extra piece of paper to my journal page and glued the gate onto it, extending the collage out.  While it didn’t make “narrative” sense to add the gate, visually, I thought it was interesting and took the collage to an unexpected place.  Looking at it now, I’m not sure if it really works, but what the heck, I left it in. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut, whether it pays off or not.  Of course I can always fold that gate back and hide it.

Truncated Running Through Water collage journal page

Collage with gate folded back

Which do you like better?

Sneak Peek collage journal page

Sneak Peek collage journal page

I have a series of black and white pictures from Vogue magazine that really caught my attention.  I ended up using this image of a woman leaning against a tree and immediately got the idea to replace the original background with a colored one.  I wanted it to be like a peek into another world, so I settled on a picture of a pagoda on the water from an old calendar.

Pagoda scene behind tree

Pagoda scene behind tree

The colored image layout was in landscape, while the black and white one was in portrait, so I ended up doing a minor patch job.

Minor patch job

Minor patch job on collage.  The white edges of the two connecting pieces were muted down with an oil pastel crayon.

I decided to add more color to the black and white part by adding a moth, bird, and some flowers.

Moth on tree

Moth on tree

Bird and flowers at base of tree

Bird and flowers at base of tree

I don’t know if I did such a good job with the flowers.  Looks too much like a litter fest, albeit a floral one 😉

Have a great weekend, everyone!  I am now on Instagram.  You can find me here.



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