Crafting with Magazine Pages: Handmade Card and Gift Tags

As readers of this blog know, I’ve crafted a lot with magazine pages in the past, including making gift tags and cards. Recently I was going through some of my stash of magazine pages when I decided to pull out some images to create a card and some gift tags.  I had used up a lot of my gift tags since the last time I had made a bunch of them.

What inspired my handmade card was this street food festival ad:

Street food magazine ad

Street food magazine ad

I loved the graphics and colors and thought the ad would make a nice decorative backdrop for some food images. After all, the ad was for street food.  I removed the ad and trimmed it down.

Trimmed down magazine ad

Trimmed down magazine ad

I chose green cardstock for my card base and added the magazine ad for the top layer of my card.

Cardstock base for handmade card

Cardstock base for handmade card

Card base with decorative paper layer glued on

I found a page of small images of sweet treats and glued the sheet to a piece of cardstock, following the techniques I used here.

Magazine food images glued to cardstock


I fussy cut the images and selected a few that I thought would look good on my card.

Magazine paper dessert image embellishments

I added foam pop dots to the backs of the images and added them to my card.

Handmade card made from magazine paper

Looking at the card, I kind of feel the background layer was a tad too muted for the pop of color provided by the images, but maybe that’s a good thing?  What do you think?

For the gift tags, I used food images that measured approximately 2 to 3 inches in size, so that they would each provide enough room to write people’s names on the back.  As I had done for the embellishments I created for the preceding card, I glued the images to (light colored) cardstock and fussy-cut them out.  I punched a small hole in each tag for the ribbon, but held off on actually adding ribbon until I was ready to use the tags.

Magazine paper dessert tags

Magazine paper dessert tags

These are perfect for adding to the boxes of baked goods I give away as gifts to friends.

Stay tuned.  Starting with my next post, I will unveil what my latest crafting obsession is :0)

Do you craft with magazine pages?  What are some things you’ve made with them?  Please share in the comments.

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