How to Make a Custom Envelope (for a Large Size Card)

Last time I showed you how I made a quilt block pattern card.  I ended up having to trim it down because it was too big, but the resulting card, at 5.5 inch by 6.5 inch, was still larger than any envelope I had on hand.  Today I show you how I solved that dilemma by making my own envelope.

Now most people who make their own envelopes use some kind of template that shows you how to make an envelope out of a single sheet of paper.  But what if your card, like mine, has unusual dimensions, or is larger than most traditional cards?  My method uses two sheets of paper so that you can make a really large envelope that will fit your card perfectly.

You will need two sheets of 8.5 inch x 11 inch paper, the kind you would use for your printer.  The key is that your card has to fit inside an 8.5 by 11, with enough room for a border all around the card.  Lay your card onto the sheet of paper so that you end up with two equidistant borders along two opposite sides and a border along the bottom that is narrower than the one on top.

Folding sheet of paper around 3 sides of card 2

Fold up the bottom edge and the two opposite sides around your card.  Make sure to leave a little room around your card so the resulting envelope won’t fit too snugly against your card, especially if your card is bulky.

Folding sheet of paper around 3 sides of card

Folding sheet of paper around 3 sides of card

Fold down the top edge of your sheet of paper over your card, again, leaving a little extra room.  This will be the top flap of your envelope.

Folding over top flap of first side of envelope

Trim the top and bottom corners where the folds overlap.

Trimmed bottom corners of envelope

Trimmed bottom corners of envelope

Envelope with excess trimmed off top flap

Envelope with excess trimmed off top flap

Refold the edges.  Take a second sheet of 8.5 by 11, and lay it on top of the folded sheet.  Using the first sheet as a guide, outline the perimeter of your folded sheet onto the second sheet.  Trim down the second sheet to the size of your first one that’s been folded.

Second sheet trimmed down

Second sheet trimmed down

Now add glue along the tops of three of the folds of your first sheet – the bottom and two opposite sides. Tape runner is the perfect adhesive for this.  If you don’t have one, a glue stick will work too.  It will take just a little longer to dry.

Adding glue to edges of first side of envelope

Adding glue to the edges of the first side of the envelope

Lay your second sheet of paper that you trimmed down over the first sheet, lining up the edges along the bottom and sides.  Press down along the edges to seal them together.

Envelope, all finished!

Envelope, all finished!

You can trim the corners of the flap if you’d like.  Otherwise, your envelope is all finished.  Just glue down the top flap when you are ready to mail your card.  You can now use this method to custom create any envelope for (almost) any size card :0)

Do you normally make your own envelopes for your cards?  What methods do you use?  Do you use a kit or some kind of template?  Please share in the comments.





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