Introducing Louie Louie, the Lion

This is Louie Louie:

Louie Louie the lion

Louie Louie the lion

His Dad had a favorite uncle named Louie.  His mom’s Grandpa was named Louie.  They couldn’t decide which Louie he would be named after, so they named him after both.  Hence the name, Louie Louie.  But you can call him Louie :0)

Now most lions look ferocious, but not Louie.  His friendliness and crooked smile – heck, his smile – makes him look like a regular Joe (or Louie), so other animals don’t take him seriously, nor are they afraid of him.  This is a major drawback because hey, how can you be the “King of the Jungle” if no one’s afraid of you?  To make matters worse, he doesn’t even have much of a roar.  It’s more like a burp.  So Louie has had to rely on his ingenuity to get people to not notice his lack of a roar.  The best diversion is showing off his flexibility.

Louie showing off his flexibility

Louie showing off his flexibility

Betcha never met a lion who could do this, eh?

When the MGM lion became too expensive with his demands, the studio looked to replace him.  They needed another  roaring lion and held auditions for all those who were interested.  Louie decided to give it a go and showed up at the audition.  He tried to get the casting directors to see that lions come in all shapes and sizes and that a roar did not define a lion, that an acrobatic lion would stand out.  Unfortunately, they did not buy his argument and were set on finding a lion who could roar.  Dejected, Louie left the audition.

“I gave it my best shot, but old prejudices die hard,” he sadly realized.

Oh, well.  Louie will just wait for the day when someone needs an acrobatic lion.  Know anyone who’s looking?

What do you prefer?  A roaring lion, or a friendly one that can bend like a pretzel?

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