My Latest Craft Tool Toy

Okay, I think I am officially a scissors collector now.  In an earlier post, I shared with you my favorite crafting tools.  Two of them were scissors.  Well, I just purchased another pair that I had been eyeing for awhile now.  Introducing my latest acquisition, the Fiskars spring-assist, micro-tip scissors:

Fiskars spring-assist micro-tip scissors

Fiskars spring-loaded micro-tip scissors

This had been on my wish list for awhile, but I kept talking myself out of getting it because I already had two great pairs of scissors, and why would I need another pair?  I could pretty much cut anything with the scissors I already had, but when I saw this beauty in the hands of one of my fellow students in Courtney Cerruti’s paper flower class – which I blogged about here – I couldn’t wait any longer.  I just had to get myself a pair.  It turns out Michaels had a fifty percent off coupon that week – another sign that I was meant to get these scissors – so I headed on over with coupon in hand and brought this baby home.

Scissors unlock to engage the spring in the handles.

Scissors unlock to engage the spring in the handles.

Of course being the near-fanatical paper cutter that I am, I started trying out my new toy.  It took a couple of cuts to get the hang of the spring action handles, but I was soon cutting away to my heart’s content.  It turns out these scissors are recommended for people with arthritis in their fingers.  I think these scissors are also great ergonomically, too.  I love how you can lock the blades together, but wish it also came with a blade tip guard like my Martha Stewart precision-cut scissors.  When you’re crafting on-the-go, it’s good to protect yourself from sharp blades when you have to retrieve your scissors from a bag or box full of craft tools.

Now the dilemma becomes which pair of scissors do I use?  Hmm…Decisions, decisions…

Not too bad a problem to have if you ask me!

What craft tools do you tend to collect?  Please share in the comments.

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2 Responses to My Latest Craft Tool Toy

  1. Hiromi March 4, 2014 at 1:45 am #

    I love decorative edger scissors. They are fun and useful for a lot of things. Making labels, cards, scrap booking… I also love 3D stickers.

    • Serena Y Lee March 4, 2014 at 2:16 am #

      For someone who love scissors as much as me, I am embarrassed to admit I don’t own any deco edge scissors – unless you count pinking shears. Did you know that one way to keep your deco edge scissors sharp is by cutting tinfoil with them? Same with paper punches.

      I love 3D stickers, too, especially for added dimension on cards.

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