Castle in the Air Tunnel Book Class

I love tunnel books. I pin my favorite images of tunnel books onto my Pin board. So when the opportunity came for me to learn how to make one at my favorite store, Castle in the Air, I jumped at the chance. Like my love for shadow boxes, my love for tunnel books stems from […]

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Peach Filled Mochi

I am a cookbook collector and reader.  I love reading them and cooking from them.  I also have a small collection of cooking magazines, and I also collect recipes off the internet and place them on my Pin board for future reference.  So it goes without saying that over the course of many years, I […]

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Let’s Play – Mini Shadow Box Diorama

Well, I finally sat down and created a mini shadow box diorama that I had been planning ever since I found these two little boy and girl figurines at the local flea market early last month. I thought they were so adorable and reminded me of Raggedy Ann and Andy with their mop top hair. […]

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How Crafting Became One of My Passions

How did I get started in crafting? I’d like to say that I have been creating with my hands since I was little, like a lot of creative people, but I came into it rather late, only in the last five to ten years. I just remember crafting in grade school when I was little […]

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Easy Peanut Butter and Jam Cookie Bars

As a home baker, I love to bake from scratch. But every once in awhile, I like to take a short cut. Recently I came across a chocolate, peanut butter and jam cookie recipe while browsing on Pinterest. The original recipe called for the addition of semisweet chocolate chips, but I omitted them because I […]

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Welcome to My Creative Blog

Well, I’m finally doing it; I’m finally starting a blog. I have been wanting to start one for several years now, but fear and lack of time held me back. Plus, not knowing what I should focus on. I just decided I’m going to start blogging about some of my passions, including crafting, baking, cooking, […]

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