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Collage Art Journal: Pages 15-17

Today’s collage journal share includes my most favorited collage on my Instagram account thus far. I guess people really like the bright colors of this collage and the funkiness of it.  It started out with the image of the woman in a bright yellow coat with red chili peppers in her hair.  She was so […]

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Collage Art Journal: Pages 12-14

For today’s collage journal share, I have three very different collages to present you. First up, another photomontage inspired by Kirsten Dunst’s Marie Antoinette photo shoot in Vogue magazine.  This was the cover image, which had a lot of surrounding text.  I got rid of some of the text by trimming away most of the […]

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Collage Art Journal: Pages 5-9

Today I continue with my series of collage art journal pages. I loved this candid picture of Minnie Driver and Charlize Theron dancing together at a post-Oscar party, but there was text all around the image, so I decided to come up with a creative way to hide the text.  My intention was to frame the […]

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Collage Art Journal: Pages 1-4

Well after my last post last week, in which I shared with you my newfound love for magazine photo collages, you would have thought I would have posted again right away, but as is usually the case, life got in the way.  One of my very good friends was visiting in town and stayed with me […]

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Magazine Photo Collage Art – Getting Started

You wouldn’t know it by the lack of posts, but I have been on a creative tear the last few weeks, since the end of April.  What, you may ask, has gotten my attention, that I’ve neglected to eat or sleep?  Magazine photo collage art!  I had initially wanted to start an art journal after […]

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Collage and Photomontage Class with Mark Faigenbaum, part two

Last post, I told you about day one of the two-part collage class I had at San Francisco Center for the Book with Mark Faigenbaum.  (Read it here).  Well, today, I share with you what I learned and created in the second part of the class. The second day was about incorporating transparencies and photos […]

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Collage and Photomontage Class with Mark Faigenbaum, part one

When it comes to collage, it took me quite awhile to warm up to it.  I think a lot of my earlier dislike for it was that I saw one too many examples that seemed as if the artist was on a psychedelic trip or something.  It wasn’t until I really exposed myself to a wider variety of collage work, […]

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